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William Marcus
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United States
Greetings, ladies, gentlemen, and other assorted Carbon-based Life-forms!

I am Adiraiju, amateur artist, writer, and comedian, and professional wise-guy!

Sketches, comics, a few novelizations, and photoshopped drawings are all you're gonna get outta this page.

I'll take most requests (from friends), so long as they ain't anything risqué. They'll be in the "yellowed sketch" style that I've adopted as my trademark, unless you say otherwise.

Currently, I'm working on three/four projects at once on here: a novelization of "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", Novelizations of the final bosses from every Sonic the Hedgehog game, a bunch of drawings of giant monsters from film history (meshed into a single universe, and chronicled by one Dr. Archibald Miller), and some Sonic-Godzilla crossover crap. Some of my more-interesting photographs are gonna show up here as well.

My Let's Play page on Youtube is right here. Expect a new LP part once a day every weekday Monday through Friday at... uh, sometime around 8 AM EST.
Just thought I might as well let ya all know: I'm expanding my LP channel! Star Trek Online will be shunted to the Tuesday and Thursday time slot at 8 AM EST, while Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will go to other games: the first in the lineup is Sonic Colors!

After that, today's LP continues the Romulan storyline in Star Trek Online, with the Tal Shiar being up to no good at a conference intended to grant clear independence to the new Romulan Republic... but it's not going so well!

Hope to see you on the channel! :)
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Super Gaming Bros.
  • Reading: Old "Popeye" strips
  • Watching: Star Trek: the Next Generation
  • Playing: Sonic Colors
  • Eating: Chips
  • Drinking: Ice Water

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