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William Marcus
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Greetings, ladies, gentlemen, and other assorted Carbon-based Life-forms!

I am Adiraiju, amateur artist, writer, and comedian, and professional wise-guy!

Sketches, comics, a few novelizations, and photoshopped drawings are all you're gonna get outta this page.

I'll take most requests (from friends), so long as they ain't anything risqué. They'll be in the "yellowed sketch" style that I've adopted as my trademark, unless you say otherwise.

Currently, I'm working on three/four projects at once on here: a novelization of "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", Novelizations of the final bosses from every Sonic the Hedgehog game, a bunch of drawings of giant monsters from film history (meshed into a single universe, and chronicled by one Dr. Archibald Miller), and some Sonic-Godzilla crossover crap. Some of my more-interesting photographs are gonna show up here as well.

My Let's Play page on Youtube is right here. I upload something new every weekday morning around 7 AM!
(Update: I'm gonna be gone for a few days to a week, I'll be on vacation in Massachusetts and Maine and New Hampshire. See you all in a few!)

You may not have guessed, but I've been on kind of a "Star Trek" binge in real life right now; particularly with the original series. I've been going through a LOT of old video tapes with the crew, and I'd like to get it out of my system.

Anyways, I'd like to draw a single picture in the style of a movie poster for one episode. I won't be able to get to it for some time, so over the next three weeks, I'll leave it up to you to decide what episode you'd like me to do. Keep in mind that I haven't seen every episode, so here's a list of my options:

-The Cage
The series' original pilot; Captain Pike, captain of the Enterprise before Kirk, winds up trapped in a warren of underground tunnels built by a stagnant and dying race on Talos IV. The Talosians can create incredibly realistic illusions with their minds, but a single beautiful woman remains the one constant in Pike's hallucinations...

-Where No Man Has Gone Before
The series' true pilot: while attempting to penetrate the "galactic barrier" and leave the galaxy, the Enterprise gets caught up in an electrical field that kills several crew members and knocks two out: psychiatrist Elizabeth Dehner, and Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell. When Mitchell begins acting psychotic and exhibiting powerful psychic abilities, it's up to Dehner and the rest of the crew of the crippled ship to stop him...

-The Man Trap
The Enterprise arrives at the remote planet M-113 to check up on the planet's only two inhabitants: archaeologist Robert Crater, and his wife, Nancy (an old flame of McCoy's). When people begin turning up dead, pocked with enormous welts and drained of salt, McCoy has his suspicions, but they're soon rendered moot. Turns out the Craters weren't alone on that planet...

-What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Kirk and Nurse Chapel beam down onto the planet Exo III to meet with archaeologist Dr. Richard Korby, Chapel's fiance. Turns out Korby's found some ancient robotics labs beneath Exo III, and has become a mastery of the machinery, which allows him to create robots that look and act uncannily human. But there's something not quite right about these robots, and there's something not quite right with Korby, either...

-Charlie X
A 17-year-old human named Charlie Evans, who was orphaned and marooned on a distant planet when he was very young, is picked up by the Enterprise. As they take him to a human colony where he has relatives, Charlie soon shows his years of isolation and lack of social skills have taken their toll. He develops an unhealthy fascination with Yeoman Rand, and even as Kirk and Bones try to teach him basic interaction skills, Charlie soon reveals that he has powerful psychic abilities of his own...

-The Menagerie (Parts 1 and 2)
The Enterprise's crew takes a detour to visit their former captain. Pike has been caught in a horrible accident, and has been rendered mute, hideously disfigured and confined to a wheelchair by an intense radiation leak, despite his perfectly-functioning mind. Spock, the only crewman left from Pike's tenure as captain of the Enterprise, winds up kidnapping the man and setting the Enterprise on a new heading: straight for Talos IV...

-Balance of Terror
The crew of the Enterprise, on the edge of Romulan space, wind up being attacked by an extremely powerful experimental prototype Romulan warship. But as this attack is a flagrant denial of the treaty between the Romulans and the Federation, there's far more at stake here than two ships...

When the Enterprise arrives at a medical facility, it turns out that it's been destroyed by a mysterious starship for no apparent reason. The Enterprise pursues the ship, but both are suddenly halted by the godlike aliens known as the Metrons. Kirk is beamed down to a nearby asteroid to do battle with the enemy captain, a massively powerful reptilian known as a "Gorn"...

-Space Seed
The Enterprise comes across a floating, ancient "Sleeper ship" from the end of Earth's twentieth century. Turns out the crew, who have been in cryogenic slumber for centuries, are genetically augmented supermen created by the Eugenics wars of the time. Their leader is an enigmatic, clever, and devious superman named Khan Noonien Singh...

-The Devil in the Dark
When the Enterprise reaches a mining colony on Janus VI, they discover that a bizarre subterranean silicon-based life-form called the Horta is killing the miners. However, when the creature deliberately disables the machinery to the mine, they find there may be more to the Horta than the crew predicted...

-The City on the Edge of Forever
After accidentally getting hopped up on a powerful stimulant, McCoy winds up bolting through a sentient time portal on a newly-discovered remote planet. Kirk and Spock go after him, and wind up in 1930s New York City. Turns out McCoy will change the timeline through a single act of kindness, and it's up to Kirk and Spock to protect the future...

-The Doomsday Machine
The Enterprise comes across the ruined remains of several planets, and the derelict USS Constellation. The only survivor is Captain Matthew Decker, who has been driven insane by the death of his crew. Turns out an insanely powerful superweapon that moves through space and devours planets and starships for fuel and raw material for repairs is behind it - a Doomsday machine from another galaxy that the Enterprise is no match for. Yet, there may be a method to Decker's madness, and there may still be hope for the Enterprise...

-The Trouble With Tribbles
The Enterprise winds up in interplanetary espionage when a planet disputed by the Federation and the Klingons is decided by a newly-developed strain of grain. if the grain can grow on this planet, the Federation gets it, otherwise it goes to the Klingons. As if to make things worse, Uhura's new pet, a small furball called a "Tribble", turns out to be capable of incredibly swift asexual reproduction. The Enterprise is soon swamped by tribbles and taunted by Klingons...

-Who Mourns for Adonais?
The Enterprise winds up captured by the god Apollo, a powerful entity who wishes to have the Enterprise come worship him and live in paradise on the planet Pollux IV. The crew isn't too keen on being held captive, though, and things get unpleasant in a hurry...

-Mirror, Mirror
After getting beamed up to the Enterprise through an Ion Storm, Kirk, Scotty, McCoy, and Uhura wind up in another dimension where an evil version of the Federation slashes and burns its way across the galaxy. With their own dimension now home to their evil doppelgangers, the four heroes must find a way to navigate this brutal new galaxy and get back home...

-A Piece of the Action
Kirk, Spock, and Bones wind up on the planet Lotia, which was visited a century ago by the USS Horizon before the Prime Directive (the Federation's law of "no meddling in the affairs of planets that have yet to invent the warp drive"), and discover a world that demonstrates the very reason the law is in place: the people have organized a society around the books the Horizon left behind, including a few manuals for radios, weapons... and a history book on Chicago gangsters of the 1920s. The entire planet is now a terrible mirror of those dark days on Earth. Now, the crew must try to reorganize a planetary society based on crime and violence without repeating the mistakes of the past...

-A Taste of Armageddon
When the Enterprise escorts an ambassador to the planet Eminiar VII, they find themselves caught up in a virtual war waged between Eminiar VII and the neighboring planet Vendikar. The "virtual war" involves programming different tactics into a computer and using the data to determine who lives and who dies, but without the devastation of infrastructure a real war would entail. Oh, and yes, the civilians really are executed in the process. Making things worse, it turns out the Enterprise was "destroyed" in the crossfire, and the entire crew is sentenced to death...

-What do you think?
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