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William Marcus
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United States
Greetings, ladies, gentlemen, and other assorted Carbon-based Life-forms!

I am Adiraiju, amateur artist, writer, and comedian, and professional wise-guy!

Sketches, comics, a few novelizations, and photoshopped drawings are all you're gonna get outta this page.

I'll take most requests (from friends), so long as they ain't anything risqué. They'll be in the "yellowed sketch" style that I've adopted as my trademark, unless you say otherwise.

Currently, I'm working on three/four projects at once on here: a novelization of "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", Novelizations of the final bosses from every Sonic the Hedgehog game, a bunch of drawings of giant monsters from film history (meshed into a single universe, and chronicled by one Dr. Archibald Miller), and some Sonic-Godzilla crossover crap. Some of my more-interesting photographs are gonna show up here as well.

My Let's Play page on Youtube is right here. it's not quite abandoned, but it may be some time before I get around to uploading new content!
What with the end of my Internship, the settlement of my current working hours, and finally graduating with my Information Science Master's degree, (and not a moment too soon!) I finally have time to go back onto Youtube and make some more LPs!

Regrettably, I have lost the Ocarina of Time footage, and I do not know how long it will be before I can get back to it. However, I am starting a new LP for Star Trek Online! 


I'll start off with the introductory chapters in the hands of three brand-new characters for each of the three playable factions (The United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulans) before switching to my old leveled-up characters for later missions, since the game won't let you replay the introduction with individual characters after it's completed. I'll be beginning with the Romulans this Friday before switching to Starfleet, and ending with the Klingons.

That's where you come in. Any suggestions for which species to play as for the Klingon Empire and the Federation, as outlined in the video, would be welcome! I recommend cranking up the screen quality for this one, since it's kinda hard to read what each species offers otherwise. Some species are only available as unlockables that I haven't unlocked yet, but here's a very brief lowdown summarizing the species I can play as:

For Starfleet:

Humans: Known for teamwork and leadership abilities. One of the four founding members of the Federation.
Vulcans: Cool-headed logic machines. One of the four founding members of the Federation.
Andorians: Passionate and emotional warriors. One of the four founding members of the Federation. Also my current Starfleet character, at Level 60.
Tellarites: Porcine, intensely stubborn, and argumentative. One of the four founding members of the Federation.
Saurians: Strong, intelligent, big-eyed, colorful reptilians. Think humanoid chameleons.
Benzites: These chitinous blue people are eager to please. Their homeworld's atmosphere is heavily chlorinated, giving them quite an edge in dealing with toxins.
Bajorans: Spiritual and creative. Their gods live in a local wormhole, and have helped the Federation out in the past.
Betazoids: Psychic humanoids. Bluntly honest. Very good at reading emotion and intent.
Bolians: Jovial and friendly descendants of dolphin-like aliens. Very good at dealing with toxins.
Ferengi: Short, big-eared uber-capitalists. Very, very good at finances and business.
Pakleds: They seek things to make their ships go. Will you help them?
Rigelians: A secretive people that see themselves on a continual journey towards enlightenment.
Trill: Spotted humanoids that evolved on a planet with a rare, immortal species of symbiotic slug that can give them access to incredible knowledge. 
Aliens: Create your own alien! 

For the Klingon Defense Force:

Klingons: Very tough, aggressive warriors with a strong code of honor. Command a massive empire.
Gorn: Huge, powerful reptilians with chiseled features and ridiculous strength and endurance. Also my current Klingon character.
Letheans: Pragmatic psychic mercenaries who can kill with their minds.
Nausicaans: Big, tough mercenaries who pride themselves on how much "Guramba" (moxie) they have. They generally work as hired muscle.
Orions: Green-skinned gangsters. Have access to potent pheromones that can screw with your head.
Aliens: Again, create your own alien! 

What do you think?
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